Medicolegal Experience

I am acquainted with various members of the legal profession such as solicitors, advocates and judges through my participation in various expert witness functions.

I have experience of acting as an expert witness in a wide variety of cases, both civil and criminal. This includes personal injury and medical negligence cases providing written reports and court appearances when necessary for claimants and defendants or as a single joint expert. I have a sound knowledge and understanding of legal principles and civil procedures rules, and pride myself on providing an impartial, analytical and logical approach, based on the latest evidence and am able to grasp the essential points of the case and summarise them effectively.

My CV and terms of business are available upon request – please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Terms and Fees
The hourly rate is £300 per hour and an average report takes 3-8 hours.
Reports based on notes only £450. Report with medical examination £650. Weekend appointments extra £250. Home or prison visit extra £250 plus 25p per mile travel from Cheltenham. Medical negligence claims incur an additional fee of £250. All prices inclusive of administration/typing and VAT. Court appearances £1200 per day plus mileage as above. Caps on fees can be discussed. Fees are to paid in full and with no tax deducted at source and within 1 month of receipt of report/service provided. Payments cannot be deferred or paid through an agency.

Turnaround times
Able to see clients and/or review notes within a week of instruction and provide reports within 72 hours of receiving notes/examination.

I am able to see clients in my rooms in Gloucester (Royal Hospital and Winfield Hospital or Cheltenham (General Hospital and Nuffield Hospital). Appointments possible out of hours and weekends if required. Home visit or prison visit provided by special arrangement.

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